Venice, Italy

October 1, 2008 at 1:43 am (Uncategorized)

Day 23

~ Upon Arrival in Italy, proceed to your hotel. Hotel le Boulevard $453

Day 24

Visit the terrace where Hemingway  first read of his supposed demise.  The hotel Gritti Palace. Take a day trip via bus to Hemingway sites including the town of Schio, site of the “Schio Country Club,” the name given to the headquarters of the Red Cross Ambulance Corps in which Hemingway served. You’ll also visit Fossalta do Piave, where Hemingway was wounded as an 18 year old ambulance driver.

Day 25

Travel to Venice proper with a walk to Piazza San Marco. You might want to stop at the Basilica di San Marco, include an elevator ride up the Campanile for a bird’s eye view of Venice, and linger at the Museo Correr (museum of Venetian civilization).

Stop for afternoon tea at the Piazza’s oldest and most literary cafe, the Caffe Florian and a late afternoon refreshment at Harry’s Bar, a Hemingway favorite watering hole where the Bellini cocktail was invented.

After lunch, we’ll proceed to Kobarid, Slovenia (formerly “Caporetto, Italy”) and the area of the 12th Isonzo Battle (also known as the Caporetto Breakthrough) one of history’s major conflicts and a decisive battle and retreat in World War I that fueled Hemingway’s imagination for his novel, “A Farewell to Arms.” The Kobarid Museum has a balanced approach to the World War I fighting in the region. The city has a large, multi-tiered, Italian War Memorial. The museum honors Hemingway in its entrance way with a large portrait and copies of his novel’s manuscript pages.

To get to Cuba, you will first need to fly into Cancun.

Venice (VCE)
Depart 10:45 am
to Frankfurt (FRA)
Arrive 12:10 pm
Terminal 1
352 mi
(566 km)
Duration: 1hr 25mn
LH Lufthansa
Flight: 4083

3Economy/Coach Class, Snack, Airbus A321

Frankfurt (FRA)
Depart 2:30 pm
Terminal 1
to Cancun (CUN)
Arrive 6:40 pm
Terminal 1
5,339 mi
(8,592 km)
Duration: 11hr 10mn
DE Condor
Flight: 2156

3Economy/Coach Class, Boeing 767-300

Total distance: 5,691 mi (9,159 km) Total duration: 12hr 35mn (14hr 55mn with connections

Flight to Cuba – $238


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  1. Kallie Sawyer said,

    As the wise Euripides quote: “In misfortune, what friend remains a friend?” – I can’t wait to your next one!!

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