Havana, Cuba

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Day 26

Upon arrival in Cuba, check into your hotel and  enjoy the rest of your night to relax.

Hotel Park View ($159)

Day 27

~ You will take short excursions to the places which featured in
Hemingway’s life, for example the Finca La Vigía with the Museum Ernest Hemingway and his libary. ($8)

Day 28

~ Take a bus ($10) to Cojimar, a small fishing village which became well-known because of Hemingways’ novel “The old man and the sea”.

~ After visiting the famous restaurant La Floridita, Hemingways’ favourite, where you can enjoy a Daiquirí at the bar, you will drive back to your hotel.

Day 29

Finca Vigia or Watchtower Farm

Visit Ernest Hemingway’s remarkable villa, Finca La Vigia, 15kms from the center of Havana. Ernest

Hemingway lived there until 1960 when he moved back to the U.S. The villa’s interior has remained unchanged since that day.

Day 30

Visit Cojimar & Floridita

Day 31

See the Pilar at

Marina Hemingway

Internationally known by the marlin-fishing tournaments it hosts and the all-out presence of Ernest Hemingway, this tourist residential resort is located to the northwestern cost of Cuba, a safe port in the Caribbean route.

Its location and status as free port in the Caribbean Sea, ensures easy and safe access to any boat coming from Florida or the Caribbean. Furthermore, inner anti hurricane canals along with a variety of nautical services give additional guarantee to the visitor.

Marina Hemingway is regularly organizing events and regattas for nautical sports-loving people. Billfish and marlin fishing tournaments take place every year for those who prefer nautical sports to stir the adventurer in them.

Flight to Cancun – $237

flight $894.54
Cancun (CUN)
Depart 4:14 pm
to Denver (DEN)
Arrive 7:20 pm
1,669 mi
(2,686 km)
Duration: 4hr 6mn
F9 Frontier Airlines
Flight: 39

3Economy/Coach Class, Airbus A319

Denver (DEN)
Depart 9:18 pm
to Boise (BOI)
Arrive 10:52 pm
452 mi
(727 km)
Duration: 1hr 34mn
UA United
Flight: 5839

3Economy/Coach Class, Canadair RJ

Total distance: 2,121 mi (3,413 km) Total duration: 5hr 40mn (7hr 38mn with connections)

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Ketchum, Idaho

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Pick up rental in Boise for $180 dollars.

Bald Mountain Lodge $450

Day 32

~ Silver Creek Preserve

Silver Creek Preserve

The Nature Conservancy

Mailing Address
116 1st Ave. N.
Hailey, ID 83333

  • Phone: (208) 788-2203
  • Fax: (208) 578-0694

Send an Email
Nearest City: Bellevue
Location: Central Idaho, SE of Ketchum
Directions: 4 mi. W. of Picabo, just past the turnoff to Gannett. Turn left and go two mi.

Day 33

~ House in Ketchum

Day 34

Redfish Outlet Lake

flight $207
Boise (BOI)
Depart 1:38 pm
to Minneapolis (MSP)
Arrive 5:29 pm
1,139 mi
(1,833 km)
Duration: 2hr 51mn
DL Delta
Flight: 2346

3Economy/Coach Class, Snack, Airbus A319
Please check in with Northwest. If checking in at a kiosk, use your name rather than confirmation number.

Minneapolis (MSP)
Depart 7:10 pm
to Indianapolis (IND)
Arrive 9:51 pm
502 mi
(808 km)
Duration: 1hr 41mn
DL Delta
Flight: 2212

3Economy/Coach Class, Airbus A320

Total distance: 1,641 mi (2,641 km) Total duration: 4hr 32mn (6hr 13mn with connections)

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Home Sweet Home

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Welcome Home

You made it!  I sincerely hope you enjoyed Ashlee Inc.’s Hemingway Travel Adventure.

Total Cost: $28,425.98

Walking in Hemingway’s Footsteps and Experiencing the Adventure: Priceless

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